The Experience

We understand how this whole wedding planning thing is. We get that there are a lot of options out there and you want to do what’s best for you and your love without having to take out a second mortgage. We also know that you don’t want to be someone you’re not just to get a great wedding film. Our brides have their own style and we love blending our real film techniques with their kickass personalities. We shoot with the most amazing high-def, vintage super 8mm and 16 mm film cameras (you know, the stuff of our parents and our parents’ parents!). Super 8mm gives you that definitive sweet vintage retro look while 16mm film stock is a beautiful aesthetic that creates your own family heirloom feel just like JFK’s wedding to Jackie O or movies like Moonrise Kingdom, both shot on 16mm.

Cinematic HD Wedding Videos Tampa, St. Petersburg

Wedding Videographer Tampa Bryan and Tracey Coward

You may have noticed that we aren’t your run-of-the-mil wedding ‘videographers.” For starters, we don’t dress like slobs and we really do try to keep the sweating to a minimum. Much like fashion, technology has advanced significantly since 1991. We are cinematographers, filmmakers and storytellers. Crafting motion pictures with the same passion that Ben and Jerry’s churns out Chunky Monkey. You won’t see our team setting up a tripod in the back of the ceremony location, pressing record and calling it a day. In fact, if that’s all you’re looking for, you should ask Uncle Ted if he’d be interested in saving you a few bucks and manning the operation.

We love what we do and do everything we can to make the experience of creating your wedding film fun and enjoyable. To make sure you’re comfortable with us hanging out with our cameras all the time, we try our best to get to know you and your fiancĂ© before your big day. We spend time thinking about the story we’d like to tell and make sure to plan for all the little details that make you guys so special. On the day of your wedding, we work hard to capture what you and your love have spent so much time planning for without being in the way or bothering you with questions any professional should be able to answer themselves. When we’re finished, we compile all the footage and start piecing the best shots in order to make a film that fully represents you and the day you created. Between the memorable sound-bites to the sneaky footage of the look your dad gave you across the room, we’ve got you covered. We deliberate over the best music and edit each transition until they are seamless. Before you know it, you have a beautiful film that couldn’t have been created had it not been for the love you share with your brand new spouse! It’s like The Notebook, only less rain and way more cool because it’s you!

What it takes to make an awesome film: